First Steps in Bookbinding

In 2009 I began to learn bookbinding at Amazing Paper in Enmore, Sydney. This website is a record of the books I have made. (Sadly, not in chronological order)


Latest Projects

The first book I learnt to make was a soft covered oriental side stitched notebook.

Notebooks, and books printed from scratch with a single sewn section.

Paperbacks turn into hardbacks. Great for saving old favourites. Lots of room for creativity

Traditional binding, taking apart an old section stitched book and giving it new clothes. Occasionally printed from scratch. Some leather cover decoration, onlay and handle tool work.

I wasn't intending to take a workshop on Coptic binding, but I'm glad I did. The exposed sections  and stitching  lend themselves to interesting spine decoration, and I enjoy using it for particular applications

There's something so iconic about an old penguin. I finally finished all colours of Penguins. (I know there are others but I don't have them).  There's something that really appeals to me about taking a book that was designed to be affordable and ephemeral and making it much fancier and more substantial.

A  nipping press and a finishing press we made

One of my favourite books - Ian eighteenth century post-modern novel, that plays around with the physical structure of the book - making it perfect for rebinding.